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  1. Hi I was wondering if it would please be at all possible to get a complete list of all the cemeteries, burial grounds and graveyards that once existed in Launceston and the surrounding suburbs. as I would love to be able to look up old photos and visit the areas. thank you

  2. Hi just wondering if by any chance I’m looking for Henry William gage burial 1867 Campbelltown can’t seem to find much on him all know is he died Campbelltown his wife Alice have know idea either any help if you on Henry William gage he was a convict thank you

    • I can’t help you, sorry. Burials can be hard to find.

      Have you tried asking on the Tasmanian genealogy Facebook group or the Rootsweb mailing list?

  3. Dear sirs,
    My Great grandparents Jane Rudd and James Kelly got married in St Martins church in Queenstown on 12th jan 1900 and I was wondering if there is a record of their marriage.
    Also James Kelly passed away in 1905 in Queenstown in a mining accident . I was hoping that maybe you had a record of his death in your archives.I have checked the LINC archives for Tasmania with no luck.
    Malcolm Spence

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