Lyons Cottage

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Lyons Cottage, Stanley. Birthplace of former priminister Joseph Lyons "demonstrates the characteristics of a single storey, weatherboard Victorian Georgian dwelling" (from the link P&WS site). Constructed prior to 1870. More about the history of the house (and Lyons) in the P&WS site.

A guide to which rooms the photos are from. (Not to scale, obviously.)

Room 1: Bedroom

From bedroom into the hall.

Room 2: across hall from bedroom.

Hall, looking through the main living room (#3) to the kitchen (#5). The doorway to the left at the front is the bedroom (#1).

Entrance to main living room (#3), looking through to kitchen with door to 4 on the right.

Room 3: main living room

Room 4, set up as a study. I would think it'd be a second bedroom.

Room 5: kitchen

Kichen, with door to outside (#6)

Marked as #6 on plan.

The external walls are split timber, which it's believe the original walls were. At some point (early twentieth century) they were replaced with newer weatherboards. When the cottage was restored in the 1970s, these were in turn removed and the split-timber walls & shingle roof reinstated. This is shown in the photo of photos below.