Church of England, Hadspen

This is the Church of England at Hadspen. Thomas Reibey of nearby Entally (the house in the other photo) at various times archdeacon of Launceston, state politician & premier, start building this church in 1868 but stopped after a couple of years.

And it sat like this for most of the next century -- just walls.

It was finally completed and opened in 1961.

Anglican Church

This is the other side.

Other side

The lighter row of stone at the top (top row in the second photo, more in the top photo) is the newer part. New vs old is particularly obvious when you look at a window.

Window, left

On the other side, new work starts about half-way up and around the window, it's sort of obvious.

Inside, right

From the inside (original above, newer windows below).

Inside, left

Church stained glass windows are annoying. Like all stained glass, it's intended to be viewed from inside, so if you're taking photos from outside, you can't get anything decent. So:

Window, stained glass


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